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An Independent

Your wedding
your way

First things first:

An independent wedding ceremony is
exactly what it sounds like—independent.

You are not dependent on liturgies, regulations, bureaucracy or awkward traditions. You decide, as a couple, how your wedding ceremony will be celebrated. Regardless of if you are non-religious or religious, or what nationality, gender or sexual orientation you or your partner are—an independent wedding ceremony is perfect for every couple that wants to make an important promise to each other.

If we work together on your independent wedding ceremony, I will be by your side as your officiant and wedding speaker. I can perform your ceremony in German, English or a mixture of both.

Together, we can create a wedding ceremony that represents you as a couple in a unique and emotional way. We will make your day a special day, for both you and your guests.

A perfect party
needs to be planned perfectly.

There are many paths to a perfect wedding ceremony, but I have found these steps make the process much smoother:

  • Weddings are personal, so an initial consultation—either in person or by Skype/FaceTime—will allow us to see if we connect enough as people to proceed. This initial conversation will, of course, be of no charge and commitment-free.
  • Once we have connected, then things can really get moving.
  • I will email you a booklet with information about independent wedding ceremonies and a questionnaire that helps me guide the process and get a basic idea about your wishes.
  • After I’ve received the filled-out questionnaire, we can set up a more in-depth meeting where you can tell me more about your story as a couple and we can start to map out how to best integrate these details into the ceremony.
  • Taking all of the information that we’ve put together, I will create a plan for the ceremony. I can include input from any witnesses, friends and family members that you would like to have included.
  • Through a feedback process, we refine the plan until it is exactly how you want your ceremony to be.
  • I write the wedding speech. This usually includes your personal love story. If your wedding is being modelled around a motto or theme, I can integrate that as well.
  • At last, your wedding day has arrived. I will be at the location at least one hour in advance and prepare for the ceremony.
  • During a relaxed, fun, emotional and uniquely personal ceremony, you say, “I do“ to each other.
  • Tears of joy, all around.

And, as a general rule for life as well as weddings, no event is ever 100% perfect. The ability to roll with any slight imperfections will make the day enjoyable for everyone. From my experience, those unexpected moments translate to smiles and laughter in the years to come.

Baby ceremonies, marriage jubilees and other occasions

There is a story behind every celebration. The spark that lead to a new life and emotions that never leave. Family members and friends always have the insights that come with close relationships but, sometimes, they aren’t able to express them in just the perfect way or are simply not comfortable having the microphone in their hand. This is where I can help.

Want to welcome an addition to your family, celebrate a golden wedding anniversary or a second wedding ceremony after many years of marriage, I help you with whatever you need — from speech writing support to conducting the whole ceremony or directing your party.

Contact me and
let’s talk about the details.

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About me

My name is Silka and I am a wedding officiant (and copy writer, editor and literary scholar). Together with my husband, I live in Hamburg, Germany.

We northern Germans have a reputation for being rather taciturn. Of course, I don’t think that’s accurate, but I am from northern Germany :-). I hold the perspective that we place a particular value on each word spoken and understand that listening is just as important to a conversation as talking. This is one of my favourite parts about working with couples, discovering their stories. Learning the beginnings of their love, how it grew, what the foundations are upon which they hope to build their futures. Not only are these things valuable for the task of creating a speech, but I always come away with new perspectives on marriage, relationships and life.

These personal stories travel through the speeches I write. Often, it’s a couple’s small interactions—a touch, a glance, a smile, while they share their history—that reveal the most. The challenge is capturing the heart of that story and relating it to a gathering of the most special people in a couple’s life.

In the real world, true romance is almost always the result of filtering out the unnecessary and refining emotions down to their core. The same is true for good speeches. Empty phrases and kitsch are weak substitutes for meaningful words. It is my mission to put your relationship into words that are as worthy as the love you offer to each other. Words that suit you, lift you up and make you shine.

Because when you find the right words for the right moment, it is magic.

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